What’s New at Austin Skyline Dental

Dear Valued Patients,

Greetings from the team at Austin Skyline Dental. We wish all of you health, prosperity, and enough rain as 2015 begins. We celebrated our 35th anniversary last December here atop One Highland Center and plan to keep providing your care for many years to follow.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Eric Broberg to our staff. He will join Dr. Kimball as an associate dentist. Dr. Broberg is a fine young gentleman that graduated from the University of Texas at Houston Dental Branch three years ago. He will greatly enhance our team.

I honor and credit my staff, including Dr. Kimball, for their part in extending my philosophy of individualized care. During these times of third party/insurance involvement, we still believe the two most important parties are you, and our collective staff. We know Dr. Broberg is of this same philosophy of patient centered and health focused dental care. While doctors Kimball and Broberg will be taking on most of the endodontic and surgical care we provide, I will continue a full speed restorative schedule. They will allow me to last longer and better focus on the three areas of dentistry I have grown to enjoy.

First, I am excited to announce the expansion of my services to include full treatment orthodontics. I am not becoming a specialist but, while retaining all aspects of my general/restorative practice, will be treating simple orthodontic cases with brackets, arch wires and functional appliances. There will certainly still be referrals to orthodontic specialists when appropriate but there are intrinsic advantages to treating what can be done well without referring out. Click on our website to discover how the orthodontic philosophy I have embraced varies from the philosophy most American orthodontists provide.

Second is my interest in upper airway resistance problems involved with snoring and sleep apnea. Working in conjunction with your physician, often an ENT or sleep medicine doctor, we can provide dental appliances that in most cases can replace the need of a CPAP. Though some of the time, the CPAP is still the better option, there is no question that dental appliances are far more user friendly. Your physician and I will work out which is best in each case for each individual patient.

Finally, having enjoyed significant cosmetic successes over the decades, Cosmetic Dentistry will be my third area of focus. I will spend more time on larger, more complex cosmetic cases. We have finally found a predictable tooth whitening process that nicely supplements what our porcelain veneer lab can provide. Each case has an individual formula.

Dr. Kimball, Kris, Tricia, Lucinda, Michelle, Carol, Mandi and now Dr. Broberg make what I do possible. They are my greatest asset and we remain excited about being open five days a week, unlike most private care practices. With Broberg joining us, this coverage is better secured and might expand.
We now have appointment times up to 5:30 pm on Mondays. We will also strive for some Saturday hours if things develop…starting with your referrals!
We are accepting new patients and most value your word of mouth referrals. Treating your family and friends is an honor and we commit to work our best to serve each one of our patients with the highest of standards.

Dr. Parker