Tooth Restoration

When it is too late for the prevention of decay, tooth wear or fracture, it is time to restore that tooth! The term restoration is carefully chosen. A good percentage of the time, a direct filling is the restoration of choice. Other times, a laboratory crown is required to restore the tooth. The most conservative, effective method to restore your damaged tooth is the goal of Austin Skyline Dental. Our doctors strive to closely evaluate the upside and downside of every close decision.

Fairly often, due to other life obligations such as running a household or raising a family, it is hard to immediately budget in the needed laboratory crown or definitive care. In these instances, when a laboratory restoration needs to be delayed, we innovate through developing a healthy holding pattern. In such an instance, teeth significantly damaged by decay or fracture receive a large filling called a “buildup.” This build up filling resolves decay, deferring the expenses of the crown yet stabilizing the tooth. Though this build up is not a restoration, it is the foundation for the restoration to be later provided. We are a health centered dental office and believe in such a case, we can best achieve eventual optimal health with the buildup.

Routinely we work our way toward health, clearing up both dental and periodontal disease.  Often, this is done before preparing our first laboratory crown. We term this phasing and feel we better serve many of our patients’ well being with this health first focus.  For others, the better service is to prepare the laboratory crown the same appointment as the buildup. Collaboration with informed patients on the risk and benefit of when to develop the laboratory crown is the style of decision making to which our doctors are committed.  Providing the formula that best serves each individual patient is the goal in this practice.  (See Phasing and Buildup)