aboutSteveParkerDentistry Austin Style

While keeping our eye on the goal of excellent and appropriate dental care, the doctors and staff of Austin Skyline Dental prefer a relaxed, yes even fun working environment. This is of importance since we have proven to spend a high percentage of our waking hours up here looking across the Austin Skyline. The tone of our working environment tends to be consistent with the lifestyle and music Austin has developed and become.

Our respectful and compassionate care is blended with a good bit of humor, laughter and plenty of video and audio entertainment. We flex the type (and volume) of our music to those we serve. We also respect there to be a time to simply turn off the music, even if preferred by a single patient. We seem to have inadvertently developed the kind of work environment that often causes disappointment to our patients when their active treatment is completed!

We offer separate satellite radio receivers for both the overhead sound system and the system dedicated to headphones. Approximately 500 indexed compact disks from a wide range of artists which has proven to appeal to most any musical connoisseur. Scores of DVD’s allow nonstop video on our chair-side monitors. Our link to the Internet also allows streaming of such programs as Pandora to be enjoyed while the dentistry is being provided.

Our Mission

We believe each of our patients deserves to be treated as an individual and can achieve optimal oral health and esthetics. We believe in providing worthwhile, empathetic treatment and in keeping our commitments. We reciprocally expect our patients to keep their commitments to us. Ultimately, each patient is responsible for decisions concerning their personal oral health. To enhance these decisions, while providing excellent preventative, restorative and cosmetic treatment, we strive to educate and empower our patients with the ability to understand the cause and effect of dental disease.


Austin Skyline Dental is a health centered, relationship based dental practice. We have been guided by this philosophy for 35 years overlooking the changing skyline of Austin. It is the philosophy of our practice to serve people as individuals, not just treat “the teeth.” There is an attitude of teamwork and respect for our patients as we problem solve together. We help our patients with both dental and accompanying logistical challenges that crop up while working together toward optimal oral health. We strive to provide a pleasant and cheerful work environment, maintaining an unceasingly positive attitude. Continuing periodontal care and close monitoring of all aspects of oral health, are provided once the treatment plan is completed.

However straight forward or complex, each patient is offered an education of the healthy and unhealthy aspects of their dental and oral health profile. There is an effort to educate our patients of the cause and effect of that profile. We strive to know our patients as individuals and seek their input into coplanning treatment. This patient input is most often about how we work their needed dental care into a packed schedule and budget. We take pride in innovating ways to help our patients afford the treatment they need.