Role of the Master Laboratory Technician

Our doctors have closely evaluated the dental office milling machines that allow a same day dental crown, from preparation to delivery. This one appointment format, though quite a longer appointment in duration, is surely an attractive thought. All things considered, we prefer to go with the discretion and artistry of a master lab technician. Despite the time and task involved in securing a temporary crown, as well as a second appointment to deliver the final crown, we feel the resultant improvement in quality is worthwhile. This two appointment format does not really total any longer time in the dental office than patients receiving one appointment milled crowns.

Results in matching the shade, or color variations, of anterior teeth are much better when enhanced by a personal custom staining appointment. Our technician’s skill level, enhanced by a color spectrometer can in no way be rivaled by a milling machine. The custom staining by our lab technician can occur either at the lab or here in our office. Finally, is the top-notch experience of having the same technician present, when indicated, at the delivery appointment. This resource for a final customizing touch equals or surpasses the quality boasted by “Hollywood” or “Extreme Makeover” dentistry.

By our philosophy, this human touch applies to the posterior teeth as well. Through both intraoral and extraoral digital photography we have greatly improved the esthetics of our posterior crowns. We especially consider the upper bicuspids, just behind the canine, as an important part of the esthetic zone.

Keeping this human element in the formula, while utilizing the most up to date materials, typifies the blend of the traditional standards and modern technology we provide at Austin Skyline Dental. (See Custom Staining and Esthetic Zone)


We base our practice philosophy on taking care of our patients as individuals. This simple core commitment has guided our staff and doctors through each and every day for over 34 years. We speak here to the method of delivery or our services, beyond providing just immediate dental care. This delivery includes helping our patients through any apprehension, even fear, they may have developed through previous dental experiences.

Little did Dr. Parker know, while literally being drug in terror from his second grade classroom to a series of dental appointments, that he would eventually become a dentist. His experiences as a patient throughout his youth were at best unpleasant and more accurately agonizing. He is committed to provide better for his patients.

Fortunately, both the technology and grace of delivery of dental services have advanced by light years since that time. Nonetheless, he will NEVER forget that feeling of helplessness. We strive to provide dental services with the highest level of empathy and will not lose focus on the goal of the highest level of patient comfort that is attainable. We do not want to be associated with even a trace of the negative experience Dr. Parker had as a youth.

On a case by case basis, we believe it is of equal importance to treat apprehension as we treat dental needs. Every patient is welcome during a preclinical consultation, with just themselves and the doctor, to discuss any apprehension before ever entering the treatment area of our office. At this time, such concerns are shared and the resolution begins. It is fully our philosophy to individualize each and every treatment plan, recognizing and resolving apprehension.

Locate our page on Sedation to review our more common methods of getting around this apprehension thing.